What We Do

We know our clients demand more than competent technical professionals. Bowman combines broad technical expertise which our clients expect with a sense of urgency and nimbleness to align with our client’s goals. Our clients benefit from the industry relationships we’ve built which allow Bowman to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions regardless of project complexity or size.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

As a firm with nearly twenty-five years of experience, Bowman Consulting understands the importance of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and utility infrastructure mapping, as well as the value, quality, and accountability that these services add to the projects they serve. By using the appropriate quality levels as defined by ASCE Standard 38-02, SUE greatly eliminates certain risks associated with underground utility mapping. Bowman Consulting provides extensive knowledge and impeccable results delivered to every project.

We offer a variety of SUE capabilities, and work closely with our client to find the right technology to use on each project. Our team offers utility designating (ASCE 38-02 Quality B), utility test holes (ASCE 3802- Quality Level A) using ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic devices, vacuum excavations, and infrastructure mapping. Our experienced professionals also offer infrastructure asset management using GIS databases, data collection, and software setup/installation. Using all of these services, SUE ensures quality assurance and control.

‘Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and the urgency in which we complete our projects. Bowman Consulting works with diligence to find a solution that has a cost-efficient budget and uses the best SUE technology to ensure that every project is completed with the client’s goals in mind.’